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Upper Ocean Dynamic Data Policy

The University of Miami's Upper Ocean Dynamics Laboratory (UODL) provides data upon written request to use for research and forecasting purposes. Such data includes WERA ocean surface currents and wave measurements, satellite-derived ocean heat content (including processed surface height anomlies from radar altimetry, and sea surface temperatures), processed HYCOM Modeling data, and experimental data from hurricane research flights. These data are displayed on the website.

There are essentially two levels of engagement with UODL:

1. If you plan to use images, you must adhere to the following policy:

Authors must request written permission from the UODL's Director, Dr. Nick Shay, before using the images. Authors of publications, including blogs or other online dissemination, must request permission to use any figures or photographs found on the website. Photographs used in publications must include proper acknowledgment of the UODL. Figures used in publications must include acknowledgment of the UODL.

2. If you plan to use the digital data sets:
Authors requiring specific data sets for research purposes must not only adhere to (1), but also provide the Director with a copy of the draft manuscript and/or the oral or poster presentation using the data set. The UODL Director must have the "first right of refusal" for possible co-authorship on the manuscript. If deemed inappropriate for coauthorship (e.g., little or no intellectual input, or not central to the the theme of the publication), only proper acknowledgment of the lab will be required.

A proper acknowledgment to our efforts is:
"These data were provided by the Upper Ocean Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Miami- Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (".

Authors will provide article reprints and copies of oral and poster presentations to the UODL. (ver. 6.4.2014)

The data policy and questionnaire can be downloaded here.