Lynn Keith Shay


(305) 421-4075
Lynn K (Nick) Shay is a Professor of Oceanography in the Ocean Sciences Department at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science. Shay’s research focuses on mesoscale air-sea interactions and coastal ocean processes for both weak and strong winds such as tropical cyclones (e.g.,...

Benjamin Jaimes de la Cruz

Assoc. Scientist, MAS

(305) 421-4369
Currently in an associate scientist appointment in the Rosenstiel School’s division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, Benjamin Jaimes holds interests that include hurricane-ocean interactions; eddy-mean flow interaction in the ocean; the dynamics of the enigmatic Gulf of Mexico's Loop Current and associated eddy field....

Jorge Justo Martinez-Pedraja

Research Associate 3, MAS

(305) 421-4739
Jorge J. Martinez-Pedraja works as a Research Associate in the Upper Ocean Dynamics Laboratory. He shares responsibility for the full operation of the High-Frequency WERA radars, working on the diagnosis and correction of a range of problems including software; hardware; logistics; maintaining the data archives; processing surface current data...

Jodi K Brewster

Sr. Research Associate 3 - CIMAS

(305) 421-4746
Jodi Brewster is a Senior Research Associate working in Dr. Nick Shay's Upper Ocean Dynamics Laboratory (UOD).  She helped develop and maintains the global ocean heat content product for the UOD lab.  She assists in preparing for the beginning of hurricane season, in both the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basin, when...

Daniel R. Voss

Sr. Research Associate 3, MAS

(305) 284-6589